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Capture Surveys use high-quality GPS stabilised aerial camera drones that are able to fly to soaring heights with incredible precision. These drones produce high level photography providing a convenient, safe and cost-effective way to survey your project.


Capture Surveys is an independent aerial surveying company operating throughout the United Kingdom. All of our pilots are trained to Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS) and have been awarded Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) status from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Moreover, out pilots have accumulated many years of experience in the construction and development industry


Capture Surveys was born out of the difficulties experienced with traditional surveying techniques. Surveying at height and within restrictive areas has always been a prohibitive task. After extensive research and questioning, we became aware of the unique abilities to employ drones for this purpose; drones remove the need for traditional height accessing methods, removing the potential danger of working at height. These positive features bring with them a reduction in cost and time.


Capture Surveys will facilitate all client-based need thus supporting the completion of a successful project. In partnership with Shape Consulting Engineers, we offer clients a full Structural & Civil Design and Analysis package.



  • Asset Inspection – A safe, quick and cost effective way to inspect and view an asset that would not be physically possible with other methods. This visual inspection can allow more thorough maintenance to be conducted which in turn will eliminate or minimise costly damage from occurring.

  • Surveying – Provides a quick and effective way to view potential assets.


  • Progress Monitoring – Allows for clients and all parties involved to monitor work progress on a project, manage resources and keep the project on schedule.


  • Photography & Videos – Provides a fantastic way to capture the true magnificence of your project in a way that can’t be achieved through standard ground photography.


  • Promotional Videos – The use of drone and aerial footage is a fantastic and unique way to advertise your company, project and products in a mesmerising promotional video.


"We have used Capture Surveys several times this year for construction site progress footage, web site footage and structural surveys. We can highly recommend them. The professionalism from enquiry to invoicing was excellent. They are the only choice for us."

Director of Hampton Developments NW

"Capture Surveys listened to our needs, discussed the options, provided clear professional advice and met our exact expectations. The outcome was outstanding."

Director of Flanagan Group

Hampton Development


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